Photo Books

This page displays a series of photography books that focus on wildlife.

LINKS TO BOOKS. Links are provided to the Blurb Book website where copies can be obtained in hardcover, softcover, or PDF formats. Clicking on the Title of the book navigates to a description and detailed information about each book. Clicking on the cover photograph navigates to a screen where the book content can be previewed.
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WILDLIFE BOOKS. Each of these wildlife books begins with the evolutionary tree for the various groups of animals covered in the book. Then, examples of various types of animals are presented, along with discussion of the characteristics that make one group or species different from another. This is useful for general knowledge, but especially for photographers.

My Mammals

A photo book about mammals, from monotremes, to marsupials, to placental. The book includes many photos of bears, seals, ungulates and unusual species like tarsiers, musk oxen, dik-diks, and colugos.

My Primates

A photo book about primates ranging from lemurs, to tarsiers, to New World monkeys, to Old World monkeys and the great apes.

My Birds

Coming Fall 2020: A photo book about birds.

[No links to this project until it is published.]

My Fish

A photo book about bony fish, including unique species like leafy sea dragons and the psychedelic frogfish.

My Sharks

A photo book about diving with sharks, including blue, whale, basking, reef, thresher and hammerhead sharks.

My Crustaceans

A photo book about shrimps, crabs and lobsters.

My Molluscs

A photo book about molluscs, particularly cephalopods and sea slugs.

LOCAL WILDLIFE BOOK. This book looks at local wildlife in the woods and at a pond at the house in New Hampshire.

On Crowley Pond

A photo book about life the woods in New Hampshire, where the forest and a large pond attract local wildlife.