New World Monkeys

The New World Monkeys live in the tropical regions of Central and South America. They diverged from the lineage of Old World Monkeys about 40 million years ago. The New World Monkeys can be recognized by their noses, which are broader and flatter, with the nose openings facing to the sides rather than downwards.

Whereas the Old World Monkeys all belong to one Family, the 148 species of New World Monkeys include five Families:
— Night monkeys, also called owl monkeys and are nocturnal (Family Aotidae)
— Howler, spider and woolly monkeys, which have prehensile-tails (Family Atelidae)
— Marmosets and tamarins, which are small monkeys (Family Callitrichidae)
— Capuchin and squirrel monkeys (Family Cebidae)
— Titi, saki and uakari monkeys (Family Pitheciidae)